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Are contracts difficult to renew in China?  


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13/10/2017 1:29 pm  

This question comes up at times as naturally the concern is: I go on contract, I finish my first contract and what happens then? Can I do another one?

The situation in Chinese Aviation right now is such that thousands of pilots are needed for the near to distant future. The industry is growing much faster than it is possible for the Chinese aviation industry to train and "experience" pilots from student to captain. Time cannot be compressed and the insurance companies and the CAAC have their minimum standards required to crew aircraft.

This means that from now until at least the next 10-15 years, no less than 500 foreign captains a year are sought after by the Chinese carriers.

There is of-course another issue rearing its ugly head for carriers: more carriers are coming into the market every day. With this also being a factor, it is clear that carriers will simply be bled more and more and will continue needing pilots as the industry and as the airlines themselves grow.

In short: do not rush, make a good choice, follow the best path. Nobody will be pushing you out of the way but it is important that you choose well so that you manage to finish at least one contract to make your stay profitable.