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Pilot Recruitment Services – About flySerra

A detailed brief about the Recruitment Process in China.

A detailed brief about the Recruitment Process in China.

flySerra also a charter services company, responded to a need for pilot recruitment services by the world-wide industry for the placing of qualified quality aircrew, flySerra decided to put its experience into identifying and supplying the greatest crew for the best airlines and operators. Enter – flySerra Pilot Recruitment Services.

Pilot Recruitment – Our focus.

flySerra aims to attract crews based on ethical and sincere offerings in order to ensure that our placed crews would always be making a career choice based on knowledge and acceptance rather than misplaced expectations. Pilot recruitment means managing people’s lives and that means that accepting that responsibility in an ethical manner is essential.

Aviation is great and flying is great, making choices based on knowledge and understanding where you are going to, are the reason why some crew will continue to experience this feeling towards aviation. The opposite is also true.

flySerra’s pilot recruitment focus is based world-wide as the company is always seeking new and exciting destinations for crews looking for work in the industry.

What does flySerra offer other than basic pilot recruitment?

The flySerra Team consists out of people who have varied and extensive experience in many different fields of aviation and pilot recruitment. This knowledge and experience allows the company to offer you the best possible solution. Apart from placing the pilot with a customer airline or operator, flySerra is expanding its services on a continued basis, such as:

  • Preparation programs for crews making their way to interviews via CBT and one on one preparation sessions;
  • Simulator training in preparation for specific pilot recruitment checks both in your country and abroad;
  • Language packs for flying jargon in the country that you are headed to, as well as;
  • Orientation briefings on a one on one basis;
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week call centre for messaging: speak to people, not answering machines!
  • Access to investment and trust accounts in Switzerland;
  • Legal assistance and advice when needed;
  • Taxation advice and assistance through our own in-house financial consultants.

The list of our plans and offerings simply keeps growing.

Pilot Recruitment Services by pilots, for pilots.

The founder of flySerra has not only been a pilot for many years himself but has also operated as a contract pilot on various contracts. His own experience has led him to create a pilot recruitment system which treats and supports pilots as he himself would have liked to have been treated. Becoming a flySerra Recruited Pilot means being treated like you always think you should have been.

flySerra is a company that stands up for your rights. If you have a contract in place, then that contract must be respected.

Why not consider flySerra today for your future placing needs and submit a general pilot application right here on the website? This would mean that your details are in the database and when we have a suitable or attractive position for you then you can be notified right away and start the pilot recruitment process. Alternatively, why not consider one of the positions immediately available and start your adventure now?

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