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September 2017: To China and Beyond!

flySerra is growing and that means that you are growing because your family is growing!

In the last months flySerra has proven that you can in fact go to China, earn good money and not be “thrown to the wolves” as has happened with so many foreign agencies and let’s not forget….collaborations between local and foreign agencies.

With new and exciting contracts and an ever more demanding environment, hungry for pilots, rewards for your hard earned licences and hours have never been better.

For how long will China need foreign captains?

A question that often troubles many who have made a decision to sit it out in sometimes dire airlines and hope for better days while others pioneer the available options out there.

It is estimated that Chinese Airlines, in order to cope with the growth that they are experiencing, will need up to 5000 pilots per year in the next 20 years. That is a lot of pilots. Now, divide this figure by 3 and you can safely say that they will need over 1500 captains per year from foreign resources per year (do not consider the in-house captains and first officers – only expats).

It does not sound like a lot? Well, actually it is since airlines the world over are screaming for experienced captains and in the European and American theatre, many mainstream pilots are hoping to see changes in the remuneration and conditions there. That however, has been the case for quite some time now and the change is simply not coming. Right now, China merely manages to recruit 30-40% of the total requirement, leaving many opportunities.

As the pilot void remains, so the rewards increase and airlines are forced to do so whether they like it or not. Does this mean one can simply sit around and hope for an ever increasing situation? Nobody truly knows as in life things could change beyond the expected predictions but for at least the next 5 to 8 years, it is all pretty much guaranteed.

Why not read about it here: AIN Online

flySerra, possibly the highest simulator pass rate in China?

Chinese carriers are notorious for slaughtering pilots in simulators. There are more than enough stories out there of tremendous failures based on debatable reasons.

flySerra enjoys a high, in fact very high, company pass rate of 88% as a first time pass. Why? It is simple. flySerra is one of the only agencies which employs pilots who either have screening in China experience or are flying in China to prepare proper screening preparation materials. Apart from that, flySerra also offers simulator assistance and anytime, online assistance…talk to pilots not to agents when you need to pass a check.

Do not become a statistic, fly with the professionals because that is what you are.

New Airlines and new contracts.

In the last months flySerra has been securing more deals for our pilots and as of now you have a choice of Boeing, Airbus and Embraer contracts with Bombardier contracts coming soon. These offer a spread of airlines based throughout China while offering many different schedule patterns. Check out the contracts section: Contracts on Offer.

Referrals programme:

Many pilots are referring other pilots to flySerra and it is time to reward them for their loyalty and kindness.

For a successful referral, the company will now pay the referring pilot a monthly fee of U$ 300 per month for 12 months.

What is a successful referral?

A successful referral means that someone that you spoke to has decided to apply to flySerra and gives us your name as the referring pilot. Sending an email and telling us to call someone that knows nothing about flySerrafalls into flySerra simply cold-calling people. However, when that person has spoken to you, applies and lists you as a referring partner then we will most definitely reward you as you have marketed the company.

Your referral commission starts when that pilot successfully completes his or her acceptance screening and starts flying as a paid pilot at the airline applied and screened for. Your referral commission will continue for as long as he remains on the airline’s payroll for a maximum of 12 months from start.

Perhaps a great way to put away some extra holiday money?

Coming soon – get the answers you want at your leisure!

flySerra is going to pioneer Open Skype Premium Sessions for question and answer purposes. How does this work?

Simple – flySerra will publish open Q&A times and pilots will be able to simply log into the Skype session and participate. Please note that for access you will need to send a copy of your pilot license and current rating to flySerra prior to that.

Why? Easy. If we do not do that then we will unfortunately close the slots to qualified pilots which right now are our focus group and it is also getting a little boring to see recruiters from other agencies trying to catch-up and obtain information which they simply do not have. Thus, we would like to make sure that the slots are kept for the right people.

A word about discretion and privacy.

As flySerra was established by pilots, the company understands that privacy is often key when pilots are looking around for other possibilities.

We understand that often airlines might victimize a pilot found to be looking around. However, can you be blamed if your airline is not performing or maintaining promises? After all, you need to make a living.

At flySerra, if you require the “private option” you can be assured that we not only follow that path but also ensure it.


Until next time, come and join the family, tell your friends about it and let’s make the family even bigger!

Safe landings!

The flySerra Team

flySerra Update September 2017.

Tianjin Airlines joins the family

Now you can take-up positions with Tianjin Airlines through flySerra on Airbus 320, 330 and ERJ 190 aircraft. Situated close to Beijing, the company offers easy commutes to and from Tianjin to the rest of the world. Check out the recently published contracts on the site.

Possibly the highest simulator pass mark in the business?

If you have read the website you would know that flySerra unlike most other agencies actually takes as much time as required at no cost to prepare you for the simulator checks. Not only but we offer some of the best simulator briefs in the market today. How good? Well our current pass rate for candidates is 88%. Not bad at all if you consider that most companies enjoy a pass rate of 10-30% at most.

flySerra Candidates on Screening

flySerra is proud to announce that it is now supplying candidates to 5 different airlines. Right now there are candidates preparing to take the reigns of some Airbusses and Boeings for these Chinese airlines. The secret to a successful screening is proper preparation and clear expectations. flySerra has also tested and proven its simulator prep for candidates that are interested in that little extra helping hand to ensure their investment is met with success. Which contracts are being offered right now?

Go to Current Contract Offers

First South African Pilots for China

The first group of South African Pilots will be attending screenings in China as from April 2017. This is an exciting time as it is a first in that pilots will be screening using their own passports and licenses from South Africa. Finally the doors have opened and flySerra will be supporting them in full to ensure their success. Which companies are open to RSA pilots?

Go to RSA Pilots for China

Lucky Air to increase remuneration

Lucky Air has announced that they will soon be increasing their already lucrative salary for expat pilots. In the wake of continued competition between the airlines, Lucky Air is looking at every possibility to increase their attraction value for expat pilots. Perhaps time to consider the Spring City of Kunming as your next destination?

Check out the Lucky Air Contract (choose 1 of 3)

OK Air commits to 3 month full salary contract

OK Air has released and is currently offering their new contract. What really stands out about this contract? With the new contract pilots are guaranteed their full salary after 90 days of starting their contract irrespective of delays in qualification when these delays are generated by the airline. This is great news as it means that if the airline cannot finalize your being released in time, you simply do not need to pay the price. OK Air is considered to be one of the airlines with the best conditions for expat pilots in China.

Read the OK Air contract

flySerra offers the CAAC ATPL Prep App

flySerra is offering the CAAC Prep App from Duantless to their candidates. This App contains all of the questions and answers you need to pass your CAAC ATPL including the badly worded questions that have plunged some into despair. What’s the deal? Purchase the App, use it and when successful flySerra will fully refund the App to you. (We simply need to do it this way to prevent abuse of the offer by non-flySerra candidates.

The ATPL Prep App, read more here

New website –

The new website has been launched and you can now register to be able to update your data as well as take part in the Q&A forum. Being able to update the data is a welcome change while in the background a whole new website is being created which will allow you to enjoy the benefits of a full job website sporting alerts and so much more. You can access the new website form any of the Url’s or

CAAC Medical Standard

flySerra has the current 2017 medical standard for the CAAC ATPL first medical. Concerned about your medical possibilities when going to China? Request the medical standard when you apply for a position at and check to see how you fit or how you can improve to meet the standard. It is really not the horror story that many make it to be. Be informed, it is the key.

flySerra introduces Sim Training and Prep

flySerra is introducing simulator training and prep on Airbus and Boeing aircraft for candidates wishing to prepare for the CAAC ATPL check as well as company checks. The first location for training was chosen as London in the UK due to the availability of good simulators coupled to a very easy, cost effective and efficient network for travel being offered by easyJet and Ryan Air among others. The second location will soon be established in South Africa and thereafter we expect to establish a location in the United States. Want the best shot possible at getting through? Why lose a lucrative contract simply because you were met with surprise when you least expected it? Watch this space for further info.

Not current on type anymore?

flySerra can now offer you simulator training, base training or tailored flights e.g. one hop for those of you that need to become current again in order to be able to take up any of the advertised positions. Need help? Mail: with your queries


There is a lot happening at flySerra right now and as always: It IS all about YOU.

Applications are proceeding well and soon we hope to open more airlines to our candidates.

flySerra is looking forward to you joining the family, the family where pilots matter.

Fly safe!

The flySerra Team

Happy New Year and Opportunities, 2017.

Firstly, flySerra would like to wish you a Happy and Prosperous New 2017! With the new year come new possibilities and opportunities. As the aviation environment is fast running out of qualified aircrew and hopefully for the good of all pilots, is realizing that for new pilots to enter the fray, better conditions need to be offered world-wide.

2017 at flySerra is a year of new contracts as well as FO opportunities. Namely:

Current Captain Contracts by flySerra:


1. OK Airways – B737NG/ EFIS (Featured Contract)
2. Xiamen Air – B737NG/ EFIS
3. Urumqi Air – B737NG/ EFIS
4. Ruili Airlines – B737NG/ EFIS
5. China West Air – A320
6. Lucky Air – B737NG/ EFIS, A320, A330

7. Hainan Airlines – B737NG/ EFIS, A320-330, A330, B787, B777-787, B767 (Only taking pre-screening applications now)

Current First Officer Contracts by flySerra:


1. Lucky Air – B737NG/ EFIS, A320 First Officer to Captain Transition

Featured contract for Boeing 737 Captains:


flySerra is very happy to have secured a contract with OK Air. Why? At this very moment, OK Air is the most spoken about company in China when it comes to good working conditions and rewards for expat pilots. Screenings, line training, recurrent checks and all other pilot training and requalification aspects are considered by expats that flySerra has spoken to, to be fair and well structured.

This means a lot when you are an expat pilot. Furthermore, the new OK Air contracts ensure that no matter how long training may take, you will receive your full 100% salary as from month 3. This is great news as in some airlines pilots have remained in line training for up to a year and more while at OK Air considering reports by expat pilots, training seldom goes beyond 3 to 4 months.

OK Air is a good contract to consider!

What about First Officers?


Well finally the airlines are reacting. Lucky Air is now offering Senior First Officer to Captain Transition contracts. This means that you start day one as a left seater in training.

Tired of sitting waiting idle somewhere for someone to decide if you can be rewarded for your efforts? Well if you have a total time of 2500 hours or more of which no less than 2000 hours are as First Officer on the A320 or B737NG/ EFIS then you could qualify for the position.

Maybe time to get your just reward.

The new Forum – your Q&A resource:

It was decided to install a forum on the recruitment website in order to offer interested pilots a platform where you can raise your questions and concerns and have these answered by either a pilot who is currently flying in China (please note this means that answers might not be immediate due to flying duties) or one of the flySerra agents.

This is a great resource as we can all learn from each other’s insights into the process of flying abroad. Get going on the forum today!

Rewards for Referrals!

flySerra is offering hard cash rewards for referrals. When the pilot referred by you is accepted and reports to the airline of choice, then you will receive rewards as follows:

1. OK Air, Xiamen, Urumqi, Ruili – U$ 1000.00
2. West Air, Lucky Air, Hainan – U$ 400.00

Sadly: Captain Eugene Cernan

flySerra would like to pay its respects to one of the world’s great aviators who sadly is no longer with us – Eugene Cernan. The Last Man to Walk on the Moon was also one of the most successful aviators in history and remains an example to us all, reminding us that so much more is possible than we imagine at times. All of our respect.


flySerra is looking forward to you joining the family soon, to your presence on the Forum so that your questions can be answered and in the end, to helping you reap the rewards of your hard earned license.

Once again – Happy 2017 to all!

The flySerra Team

Update 1 of Dec 2016 Pilot Jobs

Some exciting changes for 2017 include –
  • Lucky Air – delivery of the A330 fleet and improved contract;
  • Hainan Airlines – delivery of the B737Max and B787-9;
  • Xiamen Air – possible B737 to B787 migration to be announced!
Going into 2017 we are proud to announce the following positions which are open to all pilots (including the SACAA):

Boeing pilots: (Most positions are open to EFIS Captains)

  • Lucky Air (improved contract coming soon after the new A330 delivery) – B737NG;
  • Xiamen Air – B737NG;
  • Hainan Airlines – B737NG, B787 (Open to B777 qualified crew);
  • NEW: Urumqi Airlines – B737NG.

Airbus pilots:

  • Lucky Air – (improved contract coming soon after the new A330 delivery) – A320;
  • Hainan Airlines – A330 (A320 welcome for CCQ).
2017 promises to be a year of further expansion and yet more competition in trying to offer the best contracts available. Please spread the news to your colleagues and feel free to submit your application today at Join flySerra Today! (click here)

About applying at flySerra: Please note – we will only ask you to sign an exclusivity with flySerra once a position accepted by you materialises! Not before. flySerra wants you to want to be a member of the family, not to be forced into it.ATP: ATP study materials are available online at this very moment and you will receive the download links as soon as your application is received.

Coming soon to our family on the website: online “Pass your Company Checkride Tutorial”


The flySerra Team

Update 1 of Nov 2016

Dear all

Herewith some updates on the current situation for SA Pilots in China:

Contracts available through flySerra:

Xiamen Airlines (flySerra)
Lucky Air (collaboration)
West Air (collaboration)
Hainan Airlines (collaboration)
SF Cargo Airlines (collaboration)
Beijing Capital (collaboration)
China Southern (collaboration)

Offers will be posted soon for all contracts and will be notified on the site as well as through this newsletter.

Airlines currently hiring South African Pilots

Lucky Air (B737, A320). (Contract values on the website)

West Air (A320). (Contract values to be posted soon)

Airlines soon to be hiring but not hiring SA personnel yet

China Southern – no clearance for hiring as of yet. Some agencies are securing candidates into exclusivity deals with the promise that they have clearance. Unfortunately, not true as of now but it is happening soon.

Tianjin Airlines – again, only rumoured, beware of exclusivity agreements.

Air China Cargo – hiring of foreigners was stopped 6 months ago in a bid to resolve contractual value issues between expats and locals.

To be hiring soon:

  • Hainan Airlines (Jan-Feb 2016);
  • Spring Airlines (Jan-Feb 2016);
  • Xiamen Airlines (Mar-Apr 2016);
  • China Southern Airlines (Mar-Apr 2016);
  • SF Airlines (Feb-Mar 2016);
  • Beijing Capital (Feb-Mar 2016).

Upcoming Roadshows and intention for Roadshows in SA

Lucky Air – expected November to December 2016.

Hainan Airlines – show of intent to commence a roadshow in SA towards Feb 2016, possibly Jan 2016. There are agencies claiming to be undertaking roadshows on their behalf but the roadshow will be internal.

Please take note:

Why does it make sense to join an agency in China right now?

  • The airlines are big. Going direct to agencies owned by the airlines themselves means you lose most of your legal power unless you enjoy the resources to handle disputes directly.
  • Most airline owned agencies are operating as normal agencies with the only care being to hire as many as possible and to offer little to no assistance thereafter as the people involved are often benefitted financially per new hire, not per keep. make sure that you are supported after delivery and not left to “whatever happens” with this later always being blamed on the airline.
  • Recently, contract patterns have been offered as attraction and thereafter not respected on arrival. Mostly used by agencies owned directly by the airlines.

General concerns regarding contracts and promises:

  • Wide-body transitions. There is only 1 airline offering and respecting narrow to wide-body transitions at the moment and that is China Southern. As of yet, China Southern is not open to SA pilots but will happen soon. Note that you will be expected to remain a cruise captain at 70% salary for minimum 1 year and often it goes longer.
  • Wide-body jobs. Current airlines offering wide-body jobs to SA Pilots do not currently exist. The only airline which intends on approaching SA Pilots shortly and will offer a CCQ type set-up i.e. B747,777,767 to B787 or A320 to A330 is Hainan Airlines. Note: No 737 to 787 one-year transitions have been honoured in the last 1-1.5 years, however, A320 to A330 CCQ is being honoured. It is doubtful but possible that the 737 to 787 transition will be implemented again due to the delivery of 30 B787 aircraft being expected over the next 5 years. Currently it is a fact that the policy was stopped over a year ago for B787 NTR unless these were B777/747/767 rated captains.
  • Contract values. You need to understand that the total income figure shown by most agencies is based on family schooling, travel concessions, value of perceived medical and license insurance and much more. The cash out figures right now for month/ month contracts are from USD 12500 to USD 15000 per month maximum. 80% and 75% contracts (10/11 days off) from USD 18500 to USD 23000 maximum per month. Any agency which promises you figures of up to U$ 500 000 per year is in my opinion simply selling the shiny bits and not reality. The values are good but let’s be honest about them.
  • Overtime has been shown to be a very selective thing in China and often signing an overtime agreement on narrow body means you will never exceed your hours again but possibly reduce your annual benefits. On wide-body this is quite different.
  • Be aware that though most agencies will attract you with wide-body international, most airlines are using expat wide-body pilots on domestic schedules for a good 80% of the time simply due to the fact that Chinese captains get paid more if they fly cross border. This often means less chance for overtime.

Screenings outside of China

Claims are being made that screenings outside of China stay outside of China. So what. For the last 10 years there has been no clear case of pilots being rejected for failing a company check at another company and that still does not happen. We know of many pilots, since failing simulator in China is quite easy that have immediately thereafter successfully passed at other companies. flySerra’s opinion is that this is merely a way of ensuring some perceived “exclusivity” by coaxing pilots into thinking that for this great benefit you should commit yourself to that particular agency or airline. When proof of this can be seen in the industry, then flySerra will agree it is a benefit.

In essence it is considered negative by us as actually going to China, seeing the airline, experiencing the environment and seeing the company facilities is worth much much more than trying to hide your screening since the result does not matter. Why do I say that? The company file as mentioned by some only applies to the pilot once you have passed/ attended a medical or the CAAC check. Should you not make a company acceptance check, firstly, there is no pass or fail and secondly there is not file to transfer to anyone. So in our opinion it is just a nice marketing ploy which sees you trapped into that agency or airline by undue fear.

If however, you attend a medical then there is a medical file to be transferred and to date, this medical can only be done in China. If you then attend a CAAC check ride, then a file exists after that which must be transferred but before that is simply not true. This is seen daily and if it was true then people would not be attending multiple screenings.

Personally I find it sad that agencies are at times “over- demonising” China and Chinese airlines for the purpose of securing candidates. It is just not ethical. Yes there are pitfalls and problems but there is also good and one must be informed and understand.

Where do we stand?

It is policy at flySerra to always tell it like it is and rather work with happy people. Right now our agreements are as follows:

  1. Lucky Air – immediate placings through collaboration agreements for SA pilots (B737/A320);
  2. West Air – immediate placings through collaboration agreements for SA pilots (A320);
  3. Xiamen Airlines – placings from Jan 2016 directly with flySerra;
  4. Hainan Airlines – placings expected from Jan/ Feb 2016 (applications in December) through our collaboration agreements;

Spring, Tianjin, SF Cargo, Hong Kong, China Southern – in application process, agreements expected in the next month or two.

Send us your details on site:

On the site – you will now find a simple and easy to use form with which you can submit your details directly online.

Join the family and let’s get you flying soon

I hope the above information helps you in your choices. If you are interested to work with flySerra, kindly submit your documents on the website at – see Pilot Recruitment.

Should you have any other queries kindly send them to


Wayne, Recruitment Manager, flySerra, Switzerland