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Do you tie your candidates into an exclusivity agreement?
No. Once a candidate becomes part of the flySerra family it is believed that the candidate should not be held at ransom i.e. if flySerra does not deliver, then that candidate should enjoy a sound exit clause from the agreement. A standard three month resignation agreement is reached but not a: you can never use anyone else for the next year agreement. The only thing that is required is that once flySerra commences your application with a client that you agree that you will not approach that client through another resource as this would jeopardize your application.
Which airlines are currently open to SACAA ICAO license holders?
As of 15 February 2017, Lucky Air, OK Air, West Air, Urumqi Airlines and Ruili Airlines are fully open to SA Captains.
Airlines that will soon be fully accepting SA Pilots include but are not limited to: Hainan Airlines, China Southern, Xiamen Airlines and possibly SF Cargo.
Which airlines are open to EASA, FAA / European and USA passport holders?
A simple answer: all of them.
Screenings outside of China, are these real?
Claims have been made by various agencies that you should screen with them outside of the country in order to keep the result outside of the country. To flySerra’s best knowledge these claims are inaccurate.
There are reasons for this and these include the following –
  • The only transferable file which might exist between companies in China is created after the completion of your first medical or the booking of your first CAAC check;
  • The first medical, once issued, means that you are now tied to that company and the CAAC is informed of your presence in the system;
  • The CAAC sim check requires a company check result in order to apply for your chance to prove yourself and be accepted to fly in China. Part of this application consists out of a successful company sim check: if you are not accepted on the company sim check then this check is not transferred as you are not held down by any file of any nature. The claim that you are is considered bogus through experience on site and in the system;
  • As of 15 November 2016, airlines which have been listed by agencies as offering screenings outside of China have refuted the claim;
  • All airlines require a minimum of 16 to 20 candidates to be fully booked for an actual sim screening before they will consider sending their instructors to carry out a company check – irrespective, if you pass it or not only matters to that airline and no application can then be sent to the CAAC as well as: the airline has no right or path to stop your progress in China through a mere company check and this has been proven regularly.

Can I believe all of the money claims I see in China?

Yes and no. Meaning: The money is really good but you need to realize that many agencies tie many perceived values into the packages thus inflating them to values unheard of anywhere. You can be guaranteed that you will not see those over inflated values as many of the so called benefits are often only in project phase or will never apply to you.

Scrutinize the offer carefully!