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CAAC ATPL Prep Materials

Prep PDF based documents

On registering with flySerra by applying for any of the advertised jobs on this site, you automatically qualify to receive a DropBox link so that you can benefit from the latest ATPL Databse in Pdf format.

It is for our candidates and it is free to all on application.

CAAC ATPL Prep App (IOS and PC)

Free for successful flySerra Candidates. If you are applying to any Chinese Airline through flySerra and are successful in the screening, flySerra will refund the App price to you in full as part of your first pay check.

Why is this being done? Well simply to make sure that our candidates have every edge they could need.

Why are we not just handing it out? The App is produced by Dauntless Software and not flySerra.

How do you get it: you follow the link below, purchase and use the App, keep your invoice or send a scanned copy to with your details. When you are successful with your screening the App will be refunded by flySerra to you in your first pay check.

The App by Dauntless:

China ATPL Prep App

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If you need to get your CAAC (Chinese FAA/EASA) ATPL license. And to do that, you’ll need to take and pass the Chinese ATPL theory (written) test. Our app will help you do this. The test content is a mix of ATP-level aviation theory and Chinese Air Law, Charts, and other subjects. While the test is taken in English, the reality is that not all the questions are ideally phrased and the CAAC has a habit of choosing questions randomly and often wording them poorly. Because the App producers work with airline training schools in China they can keep the question bank as up to date as possible, you’ll maximize your chances for success with their app.


Dauntless are the only test prep provider worldwide to have these new questions, mostly covering Chinese Air Law (CCAR) that previously caused so many test takers so much difficulty. They have them available for you right now, ready to study. get the App and perform an update right away. This will download the latest available question sets into your device including the 600 or so tricky new CCAR questions. The new CCAR questions can be identified because they are categorized into study areas beginning with “CCAR:”. Because Dauntless are the only ones to have these questions, the apps are considered to be a very smart, if not indispensable tool for anybody who is serious about passing their CAAC ATPL tests.